Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus

Well, if this don’t get my rubber tit’s all a-twitter-pated! Barrack has grown opposable thumbs, completed his evolution (I think), and has finally said that same-sex couples “should get married.”

This excerpt from his interview this morning on Good Morning America…

President Obama with ABC’s Robin Roberts

Honestly, Mommie Dammit is dumb-struck. Now if he matches action to words I will finally feel like I didn’t have to hold my nose as I voted for him in 2008.  Y’all have to excuse Mommie Dammit for a moment… this deserves a hefty shot of Stoli in celebration and reflection. I’m so amazed at the suddenness of this move on the President’s part, it actually took me four attempts to spell “opposable” correctly.

Now get your little furry butts over to the White House web site and tell the President – and the Vice President, too! – just how happy you are to finally hear those words!

Knuckle-draggers, indeed…

Yesterday I read something that gave Mommie Dammit a really bad case of gas – the double-you-over-cramping-till-your-forehead-slams-the-floor variety…

Misery dammit! Missouri has a “Don’t-Say-Gay” bill advancing through the state House. My thanks to Think Progress for tipping me off to this latest in a long string of legislative turds coming out of Jefferson City.

The bill, HB 2051, states:

170.370. Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no instruction, material, or extracurricular activity sponsored by a public school that discusses sexual orientation other than in scientific instruction concerning human reproduction shall be provided in any public school.

*emphasis mine*

Not only would this ban any discussion in our schools of LGBT sexuality and sexual health, it could likely ban GSA’s and could prohibit student’s voluntary participation in the National Day of Silence. This would also effectively bar teachers and administration from speaking out against anti-gay bullying and violence, and tie the hands of school counselors in similar situations.

According to Igor Volsky’s article

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Stanley Cookson (R) and has attracted 19 GOP co-sponsors, “including the two most powerful leaders in the House, Speaker Steve Tilley and Majority Leader Tim Jones (yes, the same Tim Jones who is a plaintiff in Orly Taitz’ birther lawsuits).”

One thing I expect all my poor, abused, neglected children to do (as in I’ll hunt you down if you don’t) is take your sorry ass immediately to the PROMO website, and sign their petition against this bill.

PROMO executive director, A.J. Bockelman, called the introduction of HB 2051

“a desperate tactic by frightened, bigoted, cynical individuals who are terrified at the advancement the LGBT community has made in breaking down the barriers to full and equal treatment under the law.”

I couldn’t agree with Bockelman more, though I’d be a bit less prosaic in my descriptors… somehow the term “moving targets” or “proofs that central Missouri needs an enema” come to my lips faster than frightened, cynical bigots. But whatever epithets your bowels cramp up and deliver when you think about our state legislature, get your ass busy and contact your local representatives and tell them that Mommie Dammit is on the war path and you don’t like it either!

First, go to the USPS website and find your full 9-digit zip code here. Now, go HERE, and find your elected representatives. Click on your state senator’s and state representative’s name and it will take you to their homepage where you can get their contact information. Write, call, email, send smoke signals, drum messages, pigeon droppings… whatever! Just let them know that you oppose this latest attempt to drag Misery dammit! Missouri into the slime of bigotry. We have enough reason for the rest of the nation to laugh at us – we don’t need this added to the list!

A note of apology… I’m busy, dammit!

Apologies for the dirth of posts over the past two weeks. Mommie Dammit has just started a new daytime job at an exciting start-up company… read that as “there’s a butt-load of stuff I need to learn, and we’re just getting out of the gate… damn I’m tired!” I’ve been coming home exhausted from the neck up, and there’s just not enough Stoli left in Mommie Dammit’s 4 remaining brain cells to come here and blow a fuse bestow my wisdom upon you. Frankly, after a full day at the office, about all I can manage is to feed the cats, bring in the dog so she’ll quit harassing the neighborhood, and collapse onto the nearest horizontal surface.

But things are improving! I am, all at once, excited, overwhelmed, amazed, supremely gratified, frustrated, and exceedingly grateful to be back to work after 10 long months of unemployment. To find myself in a position that matches my edumacation and skills is incredible, and with a brand-spankin’-new company that breeds excitement and challenge is more than I could ask for. So along with my newly hatched company, Mommie Dammit is now a newly-hatched (or is it “booby-hatched”) Systems Administrator for an Internet/VOIP/IPfax provider.


Each day is a new adventure in figuring out what got broke, arguing with the boss, figuring out what the new client’s want, arguing with the boss, juggling and sharing tasks with my coworkers, arguing with the boss (cuz he LIKES it!)  and trying very hard not to be too much of a drama queen. After all, I’ve only been there for three weeks. Don’t wanna scare the hell out of ’em right off the bat, ya know. Gotta let ’em get all comfy with me first. heh-heh-heh…

So, now that I have a 3-day weekend for the Holidays, I’m attempting to make up for lost time. This post is in the middle of a shitstorm string of vitriolic rants discussions concerning all the stoopid shit crossing my path lately, and one or two happy thoughts just so you don’t get to thinking that Mommie Dammit is a Scrooge er sumpthin’.